Saturday, April 14, 2007

And Now Like The Soldier Prepared For Battle, I Sit And Wait

Thinking about my experience with cancer so far I keep dropping in to a military analogy, perhaps because I see the cancer within me as the enemy that has attacked me and that I must now participate in a counter attack to bring my self to victory. Just as in the military one goes through training, tests and orientation; all in preparation for action against the enemy, I have done those things in the past two months to be prepared by my team to meet cancer and defeat it. I have been oriented to the enemy’s precise position and possible dispositions and strategies, I have been trained in what the enemy might do to confound our plan, what my team will do and what I must do to meet the enemy, I have been tested and tested again so that the ground my team has to cover has been reconnoitered as well as humanly possible. Now like a soldier awaiting the order to attack, all preparations made, I wait until the hour of action, Thursday morning.

Like a soldier, I look forward to the attack in a strange way. At least I will be doing something even if it may be an uncomfortable and dangerous time. I remember, as a Marine, the wait before engagement. Wondering what it will be like and if I will have the courage to live up to my part. I believe I am ready and I believe I am in the best of hands, I know I have a great many people praying for me, but still the wait is long.

From what I have been told I don’t think I will be able to report first hand on my operation next weekend, so I am going to ask my daughter Linda to post next weekend’s entry in my blog. God willing I will be back on my keyboard by the weekend of the 28th.

Meanwhile, thank you for all the communication, best wishes, kind thoughts and prayers from family, friends and wonderful people that I have never met and will very likely never meet. I believe that these things are as important to me and my well being as my medical team.

On Thursday we go forward!


RLB said...


Wanted to let you know we will be with you in spirit helping you go forward on all days, but especially on Thursday!!


Russ said...


Our thoughts and prayers got with you into the battle.

I am remimded of the cacophony of sound as we began the march on to the green at Cambridge. And how, as we gathered for the long march and battle, the musik became one.

We are all one with you and the music of vitory will be heard.

Russ & Sandy

Anonymous said...

The best of luck, our prayers and the Marine Spirit is with you through these trying times. I look forward to having many more great times and discussion with you .God Bless!Rick A.

Anonymous said...

God Bless!